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The main character: The Boy with The Big Ear
Fully Blown Illustrated 
Ages 4-9 


Shelly Lefkoe

Founder, Parenting the Lefkoe Way

The Boy With The Big Ear is a wonderful and sweet story about the importance of seeing past each other’s differences.  It touches on why kids bully when Tom admits The Boy's ear scared him.  The Rhyming makes it fun for kids without being preachy.  

M.L. ‘Max’ Roth

What made the story quite beautiful for this adult reader is that the two boys actually heal each other’s pain through opening up to their emotions, which leads them on a short journey into their higher selves.  The reader found this story to be an important reminder for adults in today’s world, as well as a first lesson for children.

Robert-Harry Rovin   

W R I T E   O N !  CEO

My heart is deepened and expanded by Tom (the quintessential other) wanting to know the truth of the one he had rejected so thoroughly.  Yes, to know the other…and to accept the rejected different in himself.  This is story is a gift of profound wisdom on many levels for adults and children alike.


The Boy with the Big Ear  
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